Fat Cat Cafe Slots

If you enjoy all kinds of doughnuts, and are a cat lover at the same time, this is a game for you. In the introduction to the game, we are told that there are four kinds of cats, and each cat has its own function as related to the reels. Wonder what that could be! Ah, I’m just joshing ya.

Can You Tell Me About the Game?

Sure. In Fat Cat Café Slots, the reels do not spin but cascade down. The four cats in this game will complete the following tasks when the reels cascade:

  • Black Cat will clear a Row;
  • Red Cat will clear a Column;
  • Gray Cat will clear both a Row and a Column;
  • Yellow Cat will clear all the symbols that surround it.

What is the name of the Provider Powering Fat Cat Café?

It is powered by Real Time Gaming.

What is the Theme of this Game?

Pastries, Donuts, and Cats

How Many Reels and Pay Lines are there in this Game?

Fat Café Café is a 5-reel, 5-row bonus video slot with 20 pay lines.

Are there Special Features in this Game?

Yes. The Coffee Cup is the Wild symbol and will assist you in garnering winning combinations. During each game, reel symbols fall into position from above, thus the cascading effect. Wins occur when 4 or more symbols appear horizontally or vertically adjacent but not diagonally and will payout according to the pay table.

The Regular Symbols’ Payouts

  • An eight-of-a-kind combination of a carrot cake pays up to 500xs the line stake.
  • Strawberry doughnuts and coconut doughnuts pay up to 200xs and 300xs.
  • Raspberry and vanilla doughnuts will pay up to 150xs and 125xs the line stake.
  • Chocolate cupcakes pay up to 100xs, éclairs up to 75xs and a cookie up to 50xs the line stake.

The Four Cats

The Four Cats are the special symbols which appear randomly and remain on the reels until all other wins are complete. They will clear in specific patterns once there are no more wins. However, these special symbols will clear even when there are no wins, in which case the multipliers will increase.

The Multipliers

Besides the cascading symbols, there are multipliers and the highest payout award of 3000xs your bet or 9,000,000 coins. Cats appear anywhere to clear off freshly-baked goodies and trigger Cascading Wins which are accompanied by multipliers which increase up to 6xs. At the right of the slot, you will find a single donut, which is the multiplier. With each successive win, a bite of the donut will be eaten and the multiplier will increase. The prizes are 2xs on the first win; 3xs on the second win; and so on - to a high of 6xs, at which point a payout will be made and the donut will revert back to 1xs.

What is the Minimum and Maximum Bet?

The minimum bet is 20 cents and the max bet is $3000. No, this is not an error. This is a high rollers game. However, if you are on a budget (as most of us are) stay with the parameters you can afford and you will still win in this game.

Can I Play this Game for Fun and for Real Money?

Yes on both counts. Playing this game at an RTG casino will allow you to enjoy this game in Demo Mode. If you wish to play for real money, you can join Jackpot Capital Mobile Casino.

Where is the Pay Table?

The Green Button, the last button to the right, is where you can find the Pay Table. It is listed under information along with Home, Settings, and History buttons. We always recommend you read the pay table before playing the game so that you become familiar with the symbols, payouts, rules, and special features.

Is Fat Cat Café Available for Mobile Users?

Yes. You can play this game on your Android and iOS mobile devices.

What is the RTP and Rating for this Game?

Since this game is new, we do not as yet have this information.


What a lucrative game Fat Cat Café is, don’t you think? The donuts are yummy, the cats are purrfect, and the entire game is as enjoyable as a slot game can get. I invite you to play Fat Cat Café Slots at Jackpot Capital Mobile Casino.