Frozen Assets Slots

Frozen Assets is a classic 3-reel slot game with just a single pay line. There is indeed beauty in simplicity, and the gameplay is far better for it. Frozen Assets slots boasts a fantastic Wild feature, multiple bonuses and a high paying progressive jackpot. With the reels bathing in freezing ice and cold, this winter-themed slot is just perfect to heat things up a tad! Frozen Assets provides a virtual limousine ride through Casinoland, taking in excellent wagering action, and an entertaining and immersive atmosphere that shrouds the game from start to finish. With a diverse collection of betting options, easily controllable game buttons, and multiple chances to win, Frozen Assets is a fantastic and slot game.

Symbols & Frozen Assets

Frozen Assets slots has some really engaging symbols that land on the reels during gameplay and wagering. The Wild icon is represented by the Penguin symbol. The other entertaining and original game symbols include the Snowflake, the Sun, the red Top Hat, lucky Sevens and, of course, the titular character, the Snowman. The game icons blend in with the theme beautifully and lend some much needed and welcomed colour and spice to the gameplay. The symbols are animated, and whenever a winning pay line is activated, they get even more animated and excited, adding to the pleasure of winning.

Wagering Options

Frozen Assets slots has rather extensive betting options. They are primarily created by the different coin values, which are as follows; $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1 and up to a high value of $5. Once the coin values are chosen, credits will become available for sale in denominations including $5, $25 or $100. The maximum wager per spin is a modest, yet sufficient $15, and the minimum is only $0.05. All the credits may be cashed anytime during the game using the Cash Out button which controls the process. Players can bet one credit, or more by clicking the bet button three times, and then the Spin button straight after. The whole process is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to control.

Progressive Jackpot Assets

The slot game has a wonderful progressive jackpot that really adds intensity and high expectations, not to mention the anticipation of perhaps winning it outright. Using the higher coin amounts will attract better probabilities to claim the jackpot. With $1, and $5 bets, the jackpot has a fixed 250x the bet. The jackpot win with a modest $0.50 coin amounts to a healthy sum of $125. Landing three of the Sevens symbols activates the progressive jackpot instantly which can be claimed and withdrawn.

Bonuses & Special Features of the Game

The Penguin Wild icon can replace any other symbol to create winning combinations leading to high payouts. It cannot, however, replace the Sun and Snowflake icons. The Snowman image on the left of the game screen collects all the snowflakes. The number of snowflakes players assembled is recorded and displayed right under the Snowflake image. These snowflakes are all collected and added to the player's bonus amount every single time a snowflake icon lands upon the reels. Once players manage to collect 200 snowflakes, they will win the snowman bonus round payout. On the other hand, the Sun icon subtracts one snowflake from the counter; however, it does add it to the ultimate snowflake bonus total, whenever it appears upon the reels.


With quite a high payout of 1,000 coins, Frozen Assets slots manages to create both anticipation and excitement. The mobile version of the slot game is a worthy addition and is super-streamlined and optimised to give players maximum enjoyment and pleasure. It performs admirably on iOS and Android mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones. The highlight of this game is the fantastic and exciting Snowman Bonus feature. It adds multiple winning chances increasing the excitement levels. Frozen Assets slots has absolutely everything going right. The colourful and animated game symbols add entertainment value and provide a transparent, clear and enjoyable wagering process. Why not try out the beauty of Frozen Asset slots on your desktop PC or your mobile device. The high paying progressive jackpot is just there waiting to be claimed by someone daring enough to go for it!could be yours.