Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II Slots

Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II sees the return of the zombies who the fearless cheerleaders can only defeat! With a grey background and legions of zombies staggering on the horizon, the girls will have to save the world.

About Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II

The 5-reels contain a maximum of 25 pay lines. However, they are flexible, and you can reduce the number in play by using the toggle buttons on the bottom of the screen. Firstly, decide what to wager per payline in space; the entry point is $0.01, increasing to $5, the usual range for RTG slots. When multiplying that by 25 paylines, it provides a minimum bet of $0.25 or a total of $125. If you still aren't sure, then look at the paytable.

Theme & Storyline

The RTG slot plays out in a unique setting, full of atmosphere and a hospital, and a strangely apt church. A zombie with one arm and the guts pouring from him doesn't look like he'll be high on your friend's list. The game's visuals have a cartoon style and add a comedy feel to the game, while it looks like the cheerleaders are ready for a fight. The cheerleaders beat the zombies on the attractiveness scale.

Paytable & Symbols

Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II plays out on the popular 5 x 3 reel grid. There are 25 win-lines sets as default, although players can move the win-line slider on either side of the reels to change the number to as low as a single line. Unusually, the game pays from left to right and from right to left. The paytable shows that the cheerleaders and zombies are the highest paying symbols, joined by an array of blood-soaked playing card symbols at the lower end of the paytable.

Cheerleader Escape Feature

Once the bonus rounds unlock, you'll choose to opt for Zombies Gone Wild Spins or Cheerleader Escape Feature. That is similar to the original with free spins awarded, which you can retrigger, thereby prolonging the bonus round. However, a particular paytable comes into force with the free spins, which hands out higher prizes than what you'd typically receive.

Pick Me Feature

The game is essentially a Pick Me feature where you'll have six levels to work your way through. On each level, three different doors could contain either a prize, an exit to the next level up, or a zombie. Your mission is to collect as many bonuses as possible without revealing the zombie that ends the feature. If you make it right to the top, you'll receive an extra multiplier as an additional prize.