Bonkers Slots

Bonkers is an English slang word meaning crazy or nuts! Bonkers Slots game offers an exceptional and innovative gaming adventure. The game provides a refreshingly different and alternative gaming experience. For starters, there is just the one pay line, along with 3-reels for players to place their bets, and this in no way impedes the game. On the contrary, it actually adds to the strong appeal of Bonkers Slots game. It clearly relies on a more traditional style of casino gaming, especially with regards to slots. With a touch of the modern and the advances in technology, Bonkers slots uses all that to its extreme advantage and is a better game for it. The mobile version of the game adds that missing ingredient to make a near-perfect gaming experience with all the modern day advantages and benefits. Taste the flavour of authentic casino gambling and enter the crazy and exciting world of Bonkers slots.

Symbols that drive you Bonkers

Game symbols are all a collection of classics such as; red Sevens, red Bars, yellow Bars, purple Bars and the Bonkers icon. The latter awards Free Spins if players are lucky enough to get them landing on the pay lines. The other game symbols all fit snugly into the overall theme of creating a casino atmosphere with all the relevant and appropriate game symbols. When any wins occur, players will be pleasantly surprised with the animated outcome and accompanying fanfare accompanying the victories. With such beautiful symbols, who can resist the allure of going Bonkers? The traditional affects the symbols manage to create is admirable, as they successfully capture the essence of a bygone era of slot machines in bingo halls, casinos and convenience store in the not so distant past.

Bonkers Wagering

Wagering on Bonkers allows for a broad range of wagering options. Starting from as little as $0.05 per coin, rising to a much more substantial amount of $5 per coin. The choice of wagering options is broad-ranging and satisfying considering the limited number of reels and the single pay line. Nevertheless, players will be able to place up to three coins on the one pay line, so the maximum bet rises to a respectable $15 per spin of the reels. If players are keen on challenging for the high paying progressive jackpot, they will need to wager the maximum coin values and maximum coin amounts. Additional chips can be purchased for $5, $25 and $100, so players will never run out at that crucial moment, and they can be bought during the game itself.

Bonkers Free Spins

Bonkers slots also offers multiple free spins which are activated upon landing three of the Bonkers Scatter game icons. Players will earn ten additional free spins and also three free spins if only two of the symbols end up on the reels. Landing 3 of the lucky Seven symbols will automatically trigger the jackpot prize, and it is well worth looking out for as it can add large winning payouts. The free spins are fun and won randomly. They add incredible excitement and more winning chances for players; therefore they are a worthwhile and beneficial addition to the game.

Bonkers on Mobile

While players can enjoy playing the fun game of Bonkers slots on a PC, and there is also a beautiful and efficient mobile version of this game. It will work exceptionally well on any modern day tablet or smartphone, whether it is an iOS or Android version. The game is fully compatible with mobile device operating systems, and a smooth and efficient gaming experience awaits players using the mobile version. Also, Bonkers slots can be enjoyed in Instant Play mode, with no waiting or downloading necessary or require merely by utilising the mobile device's existing software. The game can also be downloaded to the mobile device or a desktop/laptop. Whichever option players choose, the game performs admirably and brilliantly, with little or no waiting time to load up. Once players get a taste of the superior graphics of the mobile version, they will never turn back. Using a high quality tablet is the best way to play on the move, as the device provides a larger screen increasing the details and overall excitement of playing the game. Using headphone increases the dramatical effect even more.


With the betting options offering such a wide variance of bets, Bonkers slots is sure to please all kinds of casino players from high rollers to complete novices. The game symbols and immersive theme are conducive to pleasurable and enjoyable wagering, and the game also provides excellent entertainment and fun. The wagering is fun, and the mobile adds extra value and options, and the theme with its beautifully crafted symbols add an overall casino atmosphere to the game's flow and action. If players manage to win along the way, then it is a virtual bonus! The game graphics are way above average, and the sound effects add that intensity and dramatic impact to the overall atmosphere, whichever medium is used to access the game.he theme manages to recreate that vital casino game ingredient, fun! The rest of the game elements combine together to produce bucket loads of entertainment, amusement and fun. Add to all that the great chances of winning and the special casino features built into the game and you have a virtual winner. Why not discover winning in the magical world of Bonkers slots! It will drive you crazy, but you could win that high paying jackpot!